So Many Ideas!

I have just finished listening to an enlightening session from 4 educators who use technology in their classroom. There were many different tools highlighted. I’ll mention a few things that stood out for me. 

Our first presenter was Heather Durnin. She talked about a lot of tools that she used in her classroom such as:

I would like to integrate these all into my classroom! Prior to this session I wanted to use blogging with my students, but wasn’t sure how I was going to use it. Heather and Kathy have put my doubts to rest about blogging with students. Kathy Cassidy , another one of our presenters showed how this helped with literacy in grade one! Using blogging is an interactive way to help our students with their literacy skills. They are also collaborating with each other this way, which is even better! One thing that surprised me was when Heather mentioned that technology use tends to decrease in high school. After she explained why it made sense (scheduling and access to tools and resources), but at first I was stumped! 

I was impressed by the sense of community all four classes have by integrating technology into the classroom! During this course my views have been challenged. One thing that scared me was that our students weren’t going to have social skills with all of the technology that is used, but after this course and particularly this session I can now say that technology can increase our students social skills. 

Diana Williams was our next presenter. She talked about the Kiva project her students are working on. Her students have decided to give loans to countries who are poverty stricken. Diana has integrated social studies, language arts, and math into this project. This is awesome! Check it out!

Darren Kuropatwa was our last presenter. He talked about Scribe Blogging. This is an awesome way for students to express what they have learned. What Darren did was ask his students what they had learned that day. They essentially got to write their own textbook for the class. How cool hey? This way students aren’t reading a boring textbook. They are describing what they learned and how they learned it. This would be great for learning about the learning styles of your students. Darren also talked about how it improved the literacy skills of his students. I definitely want to try this out!!! 

There were so many great ideas shared today! I can’t wait until internship to try some of them out! 🙂 It was amazing to see all of this technology at work in a classroom! 


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