We Can Use Our Cellphones? What? Tech Task 7

I have always wondered when teachers were going to use cellphones in their classroom’s.  I mean we’re always carrying them around with us, so why not use them? Liz Kolb has many great ideas and resources for using cellphones in the classroom! 

While listening to her session there were a few that I would like to try out. One of them is QR codes. I’m interning in a grade 6 classroom, so some of them may have cellphones and a lot of them probably have iPads or iPods. This would be great for students who missed school as well as reviewing purposes. I would record performances, presentations, and experiments then convert those into a QR code. It would be great for parents to see what’s going on in school as well! I would use them on assignments with experiments and presentations, so that parents have an idea of what their child is working on. 

I also liked the idea of using Twitter. My students won’t be able to make their own Twitter account as they are under 13 years of age, but Liz informed me that they don’t have to create an account in order to follow people. You just need a cellphone or iPad/iPod. All you have to do is send follow @twitterid” to 40404. This would be great when learning about certain topics in school. Students could do some researching about who is an expert in a particular area on Twitter and follow them. They would then receive updates on their cellphone every time that person tweeted. This would also be great for class communication. I have seen a lot of teachers use Twitter to remind their students of what’s happening in the classroom for the week. If students follow you on Twitter using their cellphone student/teacher/parent communication is increased. 

I was also looking around Liz’s blog. There are a lot of great resources on there as well! One resource that I would like to try out is mobile apps for classroom management. One is called Class Charts. You can crate your class seating chart and share it with your colleagues. One other feature it talked about was for behaviour. This would be great for focusing on the individual child. It has positive and negative behaviours in which points can be accumulated or lost. It also states the child’s reading levels. This would also be great for sharing with colleagues and parents during interview times. This is a tool I am going to try out during my internship. It looks/seems pretty cool! 


1 thought on “We Can Use Our Cellphones? What? Tech Task 7

  1. Jenna, I agree with the QR codes. There is so much potential for this item alone. I can’t wait to see how I can use them for student’s spelling lessons. Especially for my French students or ESL students. It will be a fabulous tool for bridging between home and school.

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