Tech Task 6: Part 2 (ds 106)

This site is awesome! It was easy to navigate through and provides a lot of choice, which is just what we need with our students.
I started off by wanting to blend some songs using Audacity, but couldn’t get it to work. I am going to try again soon as this is something that would be awesome to explore with students.
I then found an assignment using Photo Booth.  I have used it before, but never with multiple pictures and backgrounds. It was fun trying to get different poses as the camera was quickly taking pictures! It took a few tries. but i finally got my fun in the ocean pics how I wanted. The picture is below. 

 Next, I used Pinterest to create a board about a character. The assignment was to pin things you think this character would need. This was also fun and showed that you can find just about anything on Pinterest. I chose to create a board on What Cinderella Would Need. What else do you think she needs? This would be great for students of all ages. I would definitely use it for when we read a book in class, or when the students want to tell about a movie or book they have read about. 

The challenges with Pinterest is making sure that students pin appropriate material. Also I know that schools have a lot of sites blocked, so i’m not sure if Pinterest would be available. This may be something to check to see if you could get use of it for your school/class.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment! 🙂 


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