My Digital Footprint: Tech Task #5


When I googled my name I found out that I am not the only Jenna Kulyk. Some pages such as LinkedIn, White Pages (a Jenna in Allentown), a blog from the Jenna in Allentown, and a news story about a Jenna Kulyk’s credit card being stolen. This could potentially be a bad thing, but by clicking on the sites that aren’t me you can see that these Jenna’s are from the states. 

The first site that comes up is a Prezi Presentation that I made for a University Class. I haven’t used Prezi since, but I am fine with it being up there. It shows that I participate in my University classes.

The next site is Twitter. When I first started using Twitter it was strictly to connect with friends. Recently, I have been using it for educational purposes as well as to connect with friends. I am very careful who I follow, what I tweet, and retweet. I’ve changed my profile back and forth from public to private many times, but I’ve decided to leave it public, as I am using Twitter in a professional manner. 

The next thing that comes up are Images. While majority of them aren’t me there are a couple of me. My Twitter Display Picture, Blog Display Picture, U of R account Display Picture, and a picture of me with my friend come up. These pictures are in no way incriminating; if you were to click on the pictures they would take you to the sites that I have mentioned above. I use all of these sites in a positive professional manner.

Next my Pinterest account shows up. I use Pinterest for Recipes and Educational Purposes. Again my profile is public, but if an employer were to go onto my Pinterest account they would find a lot of ideas for the classroom! 

Next is Facebook. I have all of my settings set to private, so when you click on my name all you see is my profile picture and cover photo. I have also changed my privacy settings back and forth from private to public on Facebook, but have decided to leave my Facebook settings private. I know I have a few of my highschool teachers on Facebook, so I’ve been pondering if I would accept my students friend requests. Right now I don’t feel comfortable doing so, but maybe in a few years I will change my mind.  Twitter will be where I connect with students, parents, and colleagues. 

Lastly, is my Google+ account. I have just recently gotten it, so there is hardly anything on there. I look forward to exploring it and using it in my classroom!

I can say that I am proud of my Digital Footprint thus far. While I will continue to work on it I can say that my footprint is positive. My goal is to make it a more professional footprint, so I will continue to work with sites that will enhance my footprint as an educator! 


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