I’ve just finished watching the movie called Bully. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It would be great for all teachers, parents, and majority of students.
I hope that schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullying on school grounds. This policy NEEDS to be enforced in our schools. I’m sure most of you have heard the term practice what you preach. This goes along with bullying. Sure we can have a policy in place, but its what we do when we encounter bullying at schools that will make a difference.
In this video the teachers believe that bullying isn’t a problem, but it’s everywhere! It is our responsibility as teachers to prevent bullying to the best of our ability.
Educating our students on bullying is where prevention starts. There are endless resources that can be used for bullying prevention. For my health class my group put together a bullying resource kit. If anybody is interested I would definitely share!

What do you do or will you do in your classroom to prevent bullying?


2 thoughts on “Bully

  1. Jenna, this is such a great movie! I shared this clip with my grade eight class during my pre-internship, their reactions were incredible. We had one student open up to the class and told the students it is often hard for him to come to school. Hearing this broke my heart. Myself, my co-op teacher and my teaching partner were all in tears. This student made it aware to his class that he felt he was bullied at school in the past and the other students eyes filled up with water, it was difficult to see one of their classmates in pain like that. I would recommend playing this video to all teachers. The students also made movie trailers for anti-bully campaigns – the results were fantastic! Great idea to share this with others who haven’t had the opportunity to see this movie yet!

    1. Wow Kerri! That is amazing! That’s awesome that your student was able to open up to you as well as the rest of the class…that would have been an eye opening moment for you.

      I love the idea anti bullying campaign idea!

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