What Do Others Think About Teachers?

I had a discussion with my uncle the other day about teaching. Our discussion got a little heated when he proceeded to tell me that teachers get paid too much for the little work we have to do. I’ve been encountering this at work as well. I tried to explain to him about all the things that teachers have to attend to such as; planning for multiple intelligence’s, marking, extra-curricular activities, planning, etc, but I wasn’t really sure where to start.

The conversation with my uncle started off like any other asking about where I was interning in the fall and what grades I wanted to teach. We then got into the topic of money when he told me that teachers get paid too much for the little work we have to do. First of all I told him that we aren’t teaching for the love of money, but we are teaching because we want to help youth succeed. This profession may be the most difficult/stressful at times, but it’s definitely the most rewarding. 

We then got on the topic of holidays and Professional Development days. I guess a lot of people think that teachers get all the holidays off. While we may not be at school we are still prepping on our days off, after school, and when we get home. He also told me that there are too many PD days; that teachers get a day off. I tried to explain to him that these help us, as teachers keep updated on current strategies and resources that can be used in a classroom. These are just like work meetings business people attend. 

There were many things that we disagreed upon about teaching, but I probably thought the same thing about teachers before I started my journey to becoming one. 

Have any of you encountered this? I’m looking forward to hearing your responses. Image

Have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “What Do Others Think About Teachers?

  1. I have encountered this many times as well… I find that people think that we show up at the school 5 minutes before the bell, and leave 5 minutes after the students leave and that is the extent to our job. As we know this is not true! People do not understand the amount of work that has to be done in order for their children to have success. One thing that really gets under my skin is when I hear people say that being a teacher is just like running a day care, you just have to make sure that the kids are taken care of and do not get hurt. Now some days those two tasks alone feel like a losing battle and that whatever you do something wrong happens, and to top it all off you are required to teach the curriculum. WIth all of this being said I still believe most teachers are not in it for the money, and if they are, they more than likely don’t make a good teacher anyways!

  2. Hi Jenna,
    Your post definitely resonated with me. I get extremely frustrated when people tell me that teachers get paid too much or teachers have such an easy job. I could go on a HUGE rant about this, but I will try to contain myself. People who say things like that do not understand teaching and the fact that you are standing up for yourself and saying that we are wanting to teach to help students succeed shows you are teaching for the right reasons. Anyone who agrees with your uncle and says oh yeah I am doing it for the sweet holidays, they should not be teaching. I agree that teaching is probably the most stressful job and also the most rewarding. It is the greatest feeling when a students gets something and that light bulb in their head goes off. Having the power to make a difference is awesome. Also teachers do not get paid that much! haha. Really I am commented to say I think it is great that you stood up for the profession and that you don’t let other people’s false beliefs of teaching bring you down. That is the most important thing, try not to let it bother you, because in the end you know that your job is important and that is what matters.

  3. Hey Jenna,

    People on the outside don’t realize the work we, teachers, do behind the scenes. They work at jobs where they don’t have to take their work home with them at the end of the day, they can run around with their children and eat supper every day at the same time. No one goes into teaching for the money, they go into it for the love of children and wanting to make a difference. We also get paid with children’s laughter, smiles and success. We are so lucky! All that matters is that you love what you do. if you love what you do, then you will never have to work another day in your life!

    1. Thanks, all! I agree that teaching is the most rewarding job out there! We are definitely in it for the love of kids and helping others!
      It just gets frustrating when trying to explain to those who don’t understand!

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