Tech Task 2: Google Form!

<a href="” title=”Tech Task 2: Google Form! “>Tech Task 2: Google Form!

Here is my survey! Hopefully it worked!

I have just downloaded google drive for my computer. Prior to this presentation I had never heard of it.  I previously had drop box, which is quite similar to Google Drive. So far I have only used google drive for my survey, but I am looking forward to using it and becoming more familiar with all of its services.

By exploring I have discovered that I can share my photos, videos, files, etc with others. This will be an awesome tool to have as a teacher because I can share files with my students, colleagues, and parents! This could take the place of e-mail in my classroom as it is much simpler to share files as opposed to attaching files to an e-mail. It would be great for students who are collaborating on projects as they can share their findings with each other. I will definitely be using this in my classroom when students are working on group activities! I will also use it to share ideas with colleagues. 

Google Drive also provides organization for teachers as we all know our lives can become chaotic! There are tabs on the sides that let you know your recent searches or files, who you’ve shared files with, and who has shared files with you. You can also “star” important files. This will also be organized under the “starred” tab. 

You can also download an app on your mobile device, so these files are accessible anytime, anywhere! This will be a great tool for me as a teacher and I am excited to explore other things that Google Drive has to offer!

That’s all for now! Have a good day!




3 thoughts on “Tech Task 2: Google Form!

  1. I have used a Google Doc with the Director at the camp I work at and it is very very helpful as we are trying to plan for the upcoming summer! I think the thing I like about this tool the most is that you can assess it from any computer, gone are the days of having to carry around a USB stick in order to work on a document, or having to keep emailing the most recent copy to yourself!

  2. Hey Jenna,

    As a guy who uses Dropbox pretty heavily, I’d be interested in hearing what you think the advantages and disadvantages of both spaces are. Is one better than the other? If so, why?

    I’ve struggled to completely trust Google lately, considering how many of its tools get killed off — but if Drive looks way better than Dropbox, I might give it a whirl.

    If you need another topic for a post, give some thought to writing a comparison! I’d be interested.

    Bill Ferriter

    1. Thanks, Bill. I will definitely do that once I become more comfortable with Google Drive. Right now all I can tell you is that Google Drive offers more free space!

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